Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Death by Chocolate...or something very close!

Regarding: Crock Pot Cake Review-Ref. Feb.2 2012
            I’d rather call it “Death by Chocolate” or ‘Tying up my Crock-Pot Chocolate Goo” or “Wow, this is expense Chocolate Stuff!” or “I’d better not check either my pocketbook or weight scale after indulging in this Chocolate!” and “Holy Cow, this REALLY needs Vanilla Ice Cream!”
            My first thought when heading out to buy instant chocolate pudding to make this cake recipe was this is going to be very rich! But, having all the remaining ingredients on hand and the Super Bowl looming in my not nearly finished kitchen… I figured it couldn’t hurt to indulge my chocolate loving husband with a memorable desert. First however, I must admit that he fears and dreads anything cooked in a Crock Pot. My plan to fool him into believing otherwise backfired this morning as he was the one who said “We need to discuss the desert you served last night…”
Gulp! My response lead him on his way out the kitchen door and back to his Sunday race, I knew my rebuttal fell on deaf ears. Oh well…then I began to think about cooking my white bean Chili for Game Night.
My Crock Pot was full of sunken gooey chocolate stuff that resembled pudding more than cake. I hurried to my recipe to note the “4 to 5 hours” cooking time on “Low” instructions. That was a one hour difference that my old avocado green Rival beauty needed AFTER the 5plus hours I’d been baking it off! Was it supposed to look like that? It hadn’t last night…
Again instructions were referenced. Nothing written about turning the finished cake out of the “Non-stick cooking sprayed” crock pot to “cool before slicing,” so I remembered I’d used a spoon as it was still warm before the “Serve with vanilla ice cream” step.
So trusty spoon again in hand and a Tupperware container close by, I began slicing through the gooey stuff to free up my crock pot and make it dish-worthy. When through, I handed the spoon to my husband only to hear the most amazing words in a chocoholic’s lip-smacking vocabulary “That’s what’s wrong… it’s too chocolaty!”
What was too chocolaty? Was that possible? But yes, his wrinkled nose revealed he was less than impressed. Even with the Vanilla Ice Cream suggestion…and I hadn’t dared to “drizzle with chocolate syrup” per the last item listed on the recipe. The Internet recipe called for:
1 box cake mix, chocolate (Mine-Duncan Hines Devil’s Food bought on sale at $1.00)
4 lg. eggs ($.64)
¾ cup oil ($.56)
1 cup water (n/c)
1 pint sour cream (Winn Dixie brand Light-at a discounted $.75)
1 sm. Instant chocolate pudding (Jell-o Brand on sale at $.66)
12oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips (Nestlé’s Dark Chips at $3.29- Ouch but I got mine on sale at $2.50)
Totals = $6.11 But it serves 12 at $.51 per serving without ice cream
The Directions- if you’d like to try are easy:
Mix first 6 ingredients till almost blended-mixer setting on LOW.
Then stir in chocolate chips by hand. Spray crock pot with non-stick spray. Cook 4 to 5 hours and DON’T OPEN LID!!! Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream and drizzle with chocolate syrup.
Hopefully, my 44 years of cooking will guide me to a successful outcome with each recipe I attempt, and I’ll happily admit it here that if chocolate indulgence is your plan regardless of any visual result, this is a BIG winner!
However, freeing yourself from further responsibility from any resulting action is NOT in my control! Consumers Beware! The point here is not about oozy-gooey chocolate stuff, any over indulgence or even eating desert, it is about giving proper directions when submitting recipe advice to someone. The size of the crock pot would have been nice… the directions say “large.”
Mine looked pretty large until my daughter arrived with 15-Bean soup she’d made in her’s while she demolished one of her Honda’s in the backyard, (Visit for a follow-up) but mine worked out fine. The results look messy but taste good and are so chocolaty that an additional drizzle of chocolate sauce seems unnecessary…perhaps a pretty serving dish or maraschino cherry on top for garnish? Whatever…
            There is a restaurant named Barbara Jean’s, made famous for delicious crab cakes served here on the Georgia coast and shipped everywhere. The restaurant is also famous for a desert they call “Chocolate Stuff” served with real whipped cream. I’m pretty sure this is as close to their recipe as anything I’ve ever tasted. Now I can make that once a year Birthday chocolate fix I crave.  I’ll dig out my handy Crock Pot and head out for the day.
            To covert this I’d have to swap the cake mix to a Gluten Free brand and Tofu sour cream and find a substitute for the pudding mix. It will take some time, but… 
            For now however, my Crock Pot is happily cooking away on my White Bean Chili using cooked chicken, canned green chilies and great Northern Beans for a simple Souper-Bowl supper (pardon the pun, please) while I write; recipe to follow next time depending on results.
And maybe… just maybe, I should head out to the store for some whipping cream so I can give this stuff another test run. Hummmm….      
Enjoy! Carol

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