Noelle's BIG Why

Here we go...Mom and I are Convert Cooks who are undertaking “Convertible Cooking”. “What's that”, you ask? Old fashioned, tried and true, artery clogging, delectable delights... treats that affect me and others I know with undesirable results. Treats we LOVE but can’t eat anymore, so we make do with good looking cardboard tasting “healthy” alternatives. “Oh, all right” we decide, “I won’t like it and you can’t make me, but I’ll try …” :(

At 37 years old, after years of butter on my toast, fresh cream on my Cheerios and in my tea and coffee, I learned that I was “dairy sensitive”. I can’t say “allergic” since I have never been officially tested. But, I know I feel better if I don't ingest milk products and I can breathe without sounding like the Snuffelupogus. Never mind the fact that the toast gave me issues as well. The wheat caused ...but I’ll call them “issues” to spare the gory details.

Being raised in Massachusetts’ dairy country with my second grade teacher’s family delivering milk to the silver box by the back door, I began early. Believe me, every other day I got to open a new bottle of milk to get the 2 inches of cream that graced the made for a really good day. Oh please, let me remember here, the fresh butter and cheese that the noodles were just a vehicle for...was to die for. Did I mention cream cheese and jelly sandwiches? It was a good childhood.

But historically my family has digestive issues, sinus issues, (we are a loud family) not that we were sick often, but if we were sick we were miserable, and you didn’t want to be around. So understandably it was a relief to have this explanation of “food allergies” offered to me by my nutritionist in Asheville, NC. I had never heard of anything like it, regardless of the fact that I had an ailment after being healthy as a horse. I thought “nothing a little Tums couldn’t fix, right?” Until I took a two week road trip visiting the big hotels of the Pacific Coast Highway, and found I couldn’t eat the hotel fare. Too sick to sit up to enjoy the views and being so ill I looked it.

Enough was enough.

But I am a lover of food, cooking and apparently a talented baker. Making sweet treats for others, only to watch them enjoy, savor and delight in my fare. Looking on with my mouth watering, and a longing in my heart. My silent suffering lead me to endure small relapses in moments of weakness after licking the spoon or the beater...but it was the times in town...going to dinner and dying before trying the tiramisu or Crème Brullee while knowing I would be doubled over in suffering with pain, yet deciding it was still worth it. My problem was serious.

But as I get older, it takes my body longer to recover, days versus hours, and realizing the damage I am doing to my body may be irreparable, I finally decided it’s not worth it.

My family has had a successful commercial restaurant and two great bakeries. Both my grandmothers had finesse with cooking and baking that others envied and my Mother is no exception to that talent. She loves to bake, her yoga of choice is pecan pie, sour cream coffee cake, or her world famous Ginger Snaps, or trying something new in any cookbook that strikes her fancy. While I’m speaking of cookbooks, she’s written one…but we’ll talk later about that.’s the new challenge...No butter...No flour...No cream cheese...No sour cream...No??? My gosh! What's left? Lots...

We are shifting the baking paradigm, looking at a worldly approach to cooking and baking. What do those other cultures do while not having wheat products available? What about those who have goats and not cows?

Hmmmm, Good question...

We will attempt to get light, fluffy, flavorful and satisfying alternatives of the favorites you love. We will start with our family recipes that have sold in great quantities in Georgia and North Carolina, and bring them to you. We’ll provide the traditional recipe so you can try it yourself, as well as the convertible recipes so you can feel good about eating something truly delightful and good for you and your family. We will use soy products, goat’s products, alternative and ancient grains, and tell you whose products we are using, so you can ask your grocer or order on line. And we will test them, taste them and show you the can send us recipes to try, or offer suggestions... we welcome your input.

We realize that there are different levels of “issues”...Celiac Sprue Disease being one of the worst. My dear friend and “Wubby”, Leslie suffers from an extreme case of Celiac and chemical sensitivity that I know of. So she’s volunteered to be ”the Big Gun tester” of choice, and if she gives her seal of approval to our carrot cake recipe for example as it is her favorite, then rest assured it tastes like something you’ll want to try. So look for our extremes…the “WUBBY Approved” recipes to try as well as the others she will be unable to try. But… we WILL try our best to satisfy your cravings, and longings for the childhood favorites you remember and miss so much.

So look for the Wubby Approved Seal , stay tuned and wish us luck, and know… we’re here cooking for you.